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About CéCafé Coffee

Ercilia Cruz (lovingly known as “Chila” by friends and family) was born into a prominent coffee grower family in Santa Barbara, Honduras in 1924. While everyone anticipated she and her siblings would one day take over the successful coffee business, her parents died when she was only 7 years old. With no one to look out for her, Ercilia lost her inheritance in the coffee plantation and was raised with humble beginnings. Though Ercilia had a difficult childhood in Honduras, she became a well-known and productive member of her rural community and cared deeply for others. Many years later, she immigrated to the United States and lived in New Jersey with her immediate family. Inspired by her grandmother’s story and intent on correcting the injustice she endured, our founder created CéCafé Coffee in 2013.  The company honors her ancestral roots and seeks to bring the incredible quality of the Arabica beans grown in Honduras to a broader community of coffee lovers. Ercilia witnessed the beginnings of our founder's vision for CéCafé Coffee, and the company trademark was approved two weeks after Ercilia’s burial at the age of 96. 

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CéCafé Coffee strives to honor Ercilia Cruz as a productive brand that makes a positive impact in
the community.
Our careful sourcing of our Arabica coffee beans ensures respect for the environment and the
wildlife that inhabits the area. A portion of all proceeds support two important initiatives:
scholarships for students pursuing post-graduate work in Honduras and in the U.S., and support
for NGOs that teach recycling and sustainability in Honduras.


Our vision is to create a coffee brand that is as diverse as our customers.  We look forward to your joining our community with a focus on sustainability, the environment and education.

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